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Advanced Topics

Calculations and Math

How CFO Scoreboard generates the figures and insights shown on the Reports screen

2 articles


60-Day CFO Plan

2 articles

Accounting 101

5 articles

Big Picture

8 articles

Cash Flow Lessons

4 articles

Growth Strategies

5 articles

Features and Screens

Buyer's Tour

Video overviews from Keith on how CFO Scoreboard works!

8 articles

Classifying Accounts

How to handle the Classify screen, and best practices for setting classifications

1 article

Controls and Settings

How to use drop-down selectors on the main screens, and change company settings

7 articles


Understand quickly how to make use of each of the key widgets on the Reports page

11 articles

Trends pages

Get the most value out of the various Trends screens in CFO Scoreboard

4 articles

What If Scenarios

How to use the business simulator, aka What If scenario screen

1 article

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Setting up Helpers, renewing, etc.

3 articles

Reports and Insights

Questions on what to do with the graphs and metrics within CFO Scoreboard

2 articles

Companies and Data

Uploading, reading reports, manipulating data

4 articles

Getting Started

Getting Started

The most important first steps

6 articles

Preparing Spreadsheets

How to get your Excel documents ready for upload

4 articles

The Upload Process

Getting through common upload steps and points of friction

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App enhancements and capabilities

1 article


Accounting System Export Instructions

How to export from many popular accounting platforms, for use in CFO Scoreboard

8 articles

Excel Spreadsheet Requirements

General guidelines on how to setup your files for import

2 articles

Resolving Error Messages

How to understand upload errors, and how to resolve them!

8 articles