Setting Up Helpers

What's a Helper?

A Helper is a special kind of account within CFO Scoreboard. Often times the Owner of the CFO Scoreboard account is not the one who will be making use of the software most frequently -- instead it may be your CFO, bookkeeper, 3rd-party accountant, or personal assistant. For these cases, a Helper account is a perfect fit. Once a company is "shared" with a Helper, that user will have these privileges within CFO Scoreboard:

  • See the company and explore all Reports and What If scenarios
  • Download standardized financial records from the Trends area
  • Upload financial files on an ongoing basis
  • Change company settings and configuration

The only thing that a Helper  cannot do is create or "own" their own company. The only way a Helper can get access to a company is if an Owner creates one, and then shares the company with the Helper.

Finally, most important: more than likely, your CFO Scoreboard comes with at least one open slot to add a Helper.

How to create a Helper user

It may be that the relevant Helper account already exists -- for instance if you are a third-party accountant that serves multiple CFO Scoreboard clients, and you already have a login into CFO Scoreboard, then you can  skip this section and proceed to the next one below. These steps are for creating a new user account if the helper does not already have a login to CFO Scoreboard.

  1. You'll need to first be logged into CFOS under the Owner's account
  2. Click on the Owner's name in the top-right >> Settings
  3. Go to the Subscription & Billing tab
  4. In the middle of the screen there should be a field labeled Total # of Helpers Allowed; at the bottom of the screen you'll also see whether any Helpers have already been created
  5. If there are unused Helper slots left, just hit Add Helper at the bottom and input the name and email address of the user you'd like to add; once this is done, that user will receive a new login email at the mailbox you entered

If you want your new Helper to be able to see the company, there's one step left to do!

How to share a company

  1. Again while logged in as the company Owner, go to the Settings panel, then to Companies, find the relevant company in the list, and go to the Actions menu: Edit Company Settings
  2. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a Sharing area -- this is where we'll add the new Helper to get access to this particular company
  3. In the Email Address field enter the address for the appropriate Helper account. Note this will only work if the email address matches with somebody who already has a user account with CFO Scoreboard -- they can be a Helper or even another Owner if you wish, but they need to be there in the system before you can share company access with them.

You can learn much more about all this via Keith's help video on account settings, here:

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