Preparing Spreadsheets for Upload Manually

Even though each accounting system exports its data in a slightly different format, CFO Scoreboard can automatically process data exports from some of the world's most popular accounting systems. But if the accounting system you use is not  handled automatically by CFO Scoreboard, it is still usually very easy to get your data imported properly.

Preparing Files for Import

Please check our list of  how to prepare files for import, to see if your accounting system has already been documented!

If your accounting system has not been documented yet, we'd like to do the hard work for you! Please send an email to and tell us your accounting system, also providing a set of freshly exported financial documents.

General Formatting Requirements

If instead you'd like to just familiarize yourself with what CFO Scoreboard is looking for, consider copying and pasting your data into a set of  Financial Statement Templates designed for CFO Scoreboard

To learn more about how to format your financial statements, watch the video below.

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