CFO Scoreboard Isn't Seeing Your Dates

What should you do if CFO Scoreboard Can't Find the Dates in Your Spreadsheets?

Not to worry, just skim through this checklist.

1. Confirm our general requirements

Sometimes you just need to adjust the layout of your document a bit. Check our  general requirements to make sure things are laid out correctly.

Here's an example of bad layout, where extra data (highlighted) is going to confuse our system:

2. Confirm your dates are in a pattern we can recognize

CFO Scoreboard will recognize  a ton of different date formats, but not all of them.

Here's an example of some dates we will not recognize (these are Italian):

3. Put your dates in the right place

Some systems (or preparing manually) might show dates in the document header. That won't work -- we want to see them above every single column of figures. Make sure you don't do this:

Still having trouble?

No problem at all. If you've checked all these possibilities, tried to upload again, and it still won't work for you, just send an email to, and we'll assist you as soon as possible.

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