Coaching From A Pro

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One of the most unique benefits of CFO Scoreboard is the video coaching, business advice and teaching modules included. It is one thing to see a thumbs down or a declining trend line and it is quite another thing to know what it means, how it’s impacting your business and what to do about it. The Coaching section contains some very powerful strategies and insights about how to run the business end of your business and fix the problems you now can see.

In addition to the Coaching section, we have a Help Mode that can be turned on or off which explains how to use various reports or sections, some advanced tips on using each report and what you can do to get the greatest optics from the information available to you in CFO Scoreboard.

We know you’re busy running your business and that it is easy to forget about some of the most critical insights you got last month from CFO Scoreboard, so we give you the option to receive alerts from us every month on problem areas we see which should require your immediate focus.

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