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What you can’t see can kill you…. Which is why doctors use MRI’s and blood tests to look underneath the hood. They need tools to be able to quickly identify the problems that are really impacting your health. They can’t guess what your health problems are any more than you can guess and play pin the tail on the donkey with your business problems. We need optics to make better decisions.

Hello….I am Keith Cunningham. I designed CFO Scoreboard for business owners who are not financial experts, but who know they would make better decisions if they had better financial information. I designed and built CFO Scoreboard to take the brain damage out of understanding the numbers by giving business owners the optics required to make better financial decisions and run the business end of their business…. CFO Scoreboard is a business owner’s Scoreboard, not an “accounting dashboard”.

Warren Buffett said it: “If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score… and if you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.” I’ll take what Warren said one step further…. You can’t tell the winners from the losers if you don’t even have a scoreboard.

The vast majority of business owners have accountants and bookkeepers. The problem is this is what their reports look like. Typically, it’s one column of numbers for the most recent month…. Maybe a year-to-date column is thrown in for good measure.

Accounting financial statements are NOT a scoreboard…. They do not provide business optics because that is not what they were designed to do. They don’t display your financial information in a way that will help you identify and diagnose underlying problems, prescribe remedial solutions or prioritize your focus so that you can maximize your profits and cash flow.

This is where CFO Scoreboard comes in. We don’t replace your accounting system or your accountant. You down load your financial statements into an Excel file and then upload them into CFO Scoreboard….we help you make sense of them. We convert all that accounting mumbo-jumbo into a set of easy to read reports that explain, in plain English, what’s really going on in your business, what you’re doing well, where you could improve and how much it’s costing you to ignore the problems.

  • We extract the most important metrics from your accounting information, do the critical comparisons and show you if you are getting better or getting worse.
  • We identify the short-term and long-term trends that will best predict how your business will perform in the future.
  • We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to, and then we tell you what those numbers mean and how they are impacting your business’ profits and cash flow.

We have one outcome: To provide you with better business and financial optics by showing you exactly what’s destroying your profits and sabotaging your cash flow… so that you can make better decisions… so that you can make more money.

CFO Scoreboard: We will change the way you do business… I guarantee it.

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