Date Selector

Follow this video to understand and utilize the Date Selector on the main page of CFO Scoreboard:

Date Selector

Every month when you (or your accountant/bookkeeper) close the books on the prior month, you will want to upload your financial statements into CFO Scoreboard and view the report.

Be default, CFO Scoreboard displays the report for the most recent month for which we have financial data, but you can use the date selector to change the date range being analyzed.

If you choose a month, the report will compare that month to the prior month. All the little thumbs up and thumbs down icons are telling you if your business performed better or worse in the selected month than you did the prior month.

For a bigger picture view of how your business is doing, you can select the current Year-to-Date. When Year-to-Date is selected, CFO Scoreboard will compare the current fiscal year-to-date with the same period in the prior fiscal year. Again, the thumbs up and thumbs down icons are telling you how this year's performance compares to last year. If you select a fiscal year from the past, say 2012, CFO Scoreboard will compare the company's performance to the prior full year, in this case, 2011.

Sometimes, it is helpful to see how your business is performing over the past 12 months. To do this, select Trailing 12 Months from the Date Selector, and CFO Scoreboard will change the date range to include data for the most recent 12 months that have been uploaded. 

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