What Accounting Systems are Supported by CFO Scoreboard?

To load your financial data into CFO Scoreboard, you must first export it into Excel format from your accounting system.

Each accounting system exports its data in a slightly different format. Some accounting systems require special report settings to export the data in a way that can can be seamlessly uploaded into CFO Scoreboard. 

Any of these systems can export files that CFO Scoreboard will import fully automatically:

If the accounting system you use is not listed above,  don’t worry - you can still use CFO Scoreboard. We recommend two steps:

  1. You can export the data and manually tweak the exported spreadsheets to get them into the format that CFO Scoreboard requires. We have a growing area of "fixes" for common accounting systems, just ask if you need help! Or if you'd like to learn more general requirements for preparing your financial docs, take a look at Formatting Your Financial Statements for Upload into CFO Scoreboard, where we have also provided templates.
  2. If your accounting system is not documented anywhere in our list, then we'd like to see what you're working with! Please send us a fresh set of exports from your accounting system, and also tell us which one you're using, by sending to help@cfoscoreboard.com

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