Getting Started

Get Oriented

Watch the Buyer’s Tour video 

This is an ideal way to get started! We’ve put this together specifically to orient new CFO Scoreboard users like you.  Buyer's Tour to watch the video.

Try out the CFO Scoreboard Example Company  

This is the very same company used in the Buyer’s Tour! The software is interactive and has many subtle features you can discover with the click of your mouse. Feel free to play around with the Example Company included with your software to see for yourself the power of CFO Scoreboard optics.

Add Your Helpers

A Helper could be your accountant, bookkeeper, or any team member who works with your accounting software on a regular basis. Most business owners ask their helper to upload their financial statements into CFO Scoreboard each month.  To add a Helper, click on your name in the top right corner of CFO Scoreboard and select the Settings menu. Then select Subscription & Billing and scroll down to add your Helper. For more information about helpers, read our support note about  Helper Accounts.

Create Your Company

Before you can upload your financial information into CFO Scoreboard, you must create a new Company.  To create a company, click on your name in the top right corner of CFO Scoreboard and select the Settings menu. In the Settings dialog, click Companies on the left menu. Click Add Company, type in the name of your business and select the blue tab entitled “Create Company” and you’re in business! For more detail on setting up a new company,  Creating a Company.

Load Your Data

Export Your Financial Statements

Tip: You may want your accountant or Helper to handle this part, since he or she will be very familiar with your accounting software.

Open up your accounting software, watch one of our  How to Export videos, and then export these two reports into Excel format:

  1. Monthly Income Statements
  2. Monthly Balance Sheets
Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes:
  • Be sure to choose the right report settings in your accounting software. Watch the video for your accounting system before you export.
  • Export at least 24 months of data so that CFO Scoreboard can show you long term trends.
  • Make sure your Income Statement and Balance Sheet spreadsheets cover the exact same range of months.

Upload Your Data to CFO Scoreboard

Watch our  How to Upload video, and then upload the Income Statements and Balance Sheets that you just exported.

The first time you upload your data, you will need to classify each of the accounts in your chart of accounts.

Tip: If you’re not 100% sure about the classification and checkboxes on this screen, you can always come back later and make changes as needed. We recommend having your accountant or bookkeeper double-check your classifications.

Taking your time here and making sure these are correct will dramatically improve the optics that CFO Scoreboard gives you. The best news is, CFO Scoreboard will remember all these classifications for next time.

Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes:Make sure you’re uploading into your own company that you just created, not the CFO Scoreboard Example.
Don’t forget to mark Payroll Accounts and accounts that contain Owner’s Expenses.

If you have any trouble during this step, feel free to reach out to the Support team – we are here to help.

Optional: Add Employees and Units Sold

After you have uploaded your spreadsheets, you’ll have the option to fill in the Number of Employees and Units Sold, which will add a finer degree of insight in CFO Scoreboard’s reports on your company. This step is not required, but highly encouraged.

Tip: If you don’t have this information handy, you can always add it later.

Help Mode

The best way to learn more about CFO Scoreboard is to turn on Help Mode. Help Mode is an interactive tour of the application with tons of videos that explain more about CFO Scoreboard. Watch our  Help Mode video to learn more.

Getting Support

If you have questions or encounter problems while using CFO Scoreboard, please let us know. We are here to help!  To get assistance with anything at all, just send an email at any time to We'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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